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Light up your events with our floating  giants.

Let us help you make your 

show one to remember


What is a tethered balloon ride?

A tethered balloon ride is when the balloon is tied to the ground with three or four very strong ropes to keep the balloon from flying away. This allows us to lift and "fly" a large group of people of all ages at a specific location.

When can we tether? 

We can do a tethered event year-round, weather permitting. We inflate only when the winds are not too strong. When the winds are any faster the balloon becomes difficult to control and can be quite unsafe. There cannot be any thunderstorm type activity within 50 miles of the tether location. The pilot will make all final weather determinations.


What time of day can we tether?

The best time of day to fly is within 3 hours of sunrise or after 7pm in the evening. This is because winds should be at their calmest during these times. 

How many people can ride in the balloon? 

Two to four persons at a time can ride at a time depending on their combined weight. During a normal tethered balloon ride event each balloon should be able to lift between 85 and 100 people per session. If you will have more than 100 people at your event we can schedule a second balloon.

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